Are You Shy to Speak English

by mareq22 on October 27, 2011

Possibly you are shy because you will say the incorrect words, or that you will not know the other person, or that your pronunciation cannot be understood. Or possibly you are just worried, that you won’t identify what to say, or how to express yourself correctly.
Too shy to speak English
How many of us feel very introverted to speak English. Not because someone can speak fluently, the case for someone in the process of learning to learn English. Many people feel very shy to something they do not know much. 

In the procedure of learning English, speaking is one of the most hard to handle, because most of the process so involves two or more people. That’s why someone will feel shy to speak, even to practice. Not as learning English by using a book or recording.

How to avoid feeling uncomfortable.

shy to speak English
1. Think it’s the Practicing Process of course someone in the learning mode will be wrong. And that’s the learning process. Everyone in this world will go through something new in their lives, and this thing happens every day. Now your turn to do something new, learn English. 

2. Talk and Combine : Do not try to speak English perfectly. However, you can mix your own language. Gradually, you will be well-known with it. This will be your daily learning process. No matter what language you speak at, but are sure to insert a word in English on it.

3. Converse about Easy : Dont talk about something economic, political, or takes you to the serious discussion. One reason is usually that type of field will be used up and the word may be hard for you to understand. Thus, the daily use to talk about, for example afternoon play in, breakfast in the morning and the rest so many years. This can make you feel easy to talk.

Speak English will be fun if you also speak with someone who was also in the knowledge process. But make sure you also have other friends with fluent English. This is important for you on how to learn English easily.

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