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by mareq22 on July 19, 2012

How to use Effortless English lessons

Some people have this dream that they will play their Effortless English lessons in the background while they’re cleaning the house or while they’re watching TV. The perfect dream that all of you have is that you’ll play it while you’re sleeping and somehow it will all be absorbed. Maybe you’ve looked and found some little study on the Internet that says that you can learn while you sleep. Well you might be able to get a little bit that way, but let me tell you the hard truth. The hard truth is that is not a very good way to learn.

When you’re distracted, when you’re trying to pay attention to two things at the sametime, you’re not learning either thing very well and it all just goes into short-term memory. So if you’re talking on the phone and you’re hearing your
Effortless English a little bit or you’re cleaning the house while you kind of listen to the lessons, but not very well, with not a lot of focus, you’re getting some of this, you’re remembering it, you’re hearing it, you’re understanding it, but it’s only going into your short-term memory.

This is a problem, it’s only short term. That means, that long term you don’t remember it. It means it gets forgotten quickly. It doesn’t become a permanent connection in your brain. To create the permanent connections, the long-term
connections, those deep connections so that you remember forever and you can use it and master it, you must be totally focused, totally concentrated. That means the best way to listen to your Effortless English lessons is to have your iPod on or playing it in your computer and that’s all you are doing.

Effortless English lessons

Now I do recommend you can do it while you walk. You could go outside with an iPod and that’s fine, because walking doesn’t require a lot of concentration. You can still be focusing your mind totally on what you’re listening to as you walk and the walking will give you a little bit of energy, so that’s quite nice.

In fact, walking may give you more concentration because by walking you’re going to have more physical energy and that will help you have more concentration, more focus. Here’s what the research also shows. Twenty minutes of total concentration is better than one hour of distracted, half concentration. So it’s not just about the amount of time, it’s about the amount of concentrated, focused time.

So what I want you to do, is to really focus on how you are listening to English and practicing English. By doing this with your English ability, you’ll start to notice that your general memory will improve for all subjects in all areas. You’ll notice that you think faster. You’ll notice that you’re able to learn anything better and faster, not just English.

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