How to Get an American Accent – 8 Quick and Easy Tips

by mareq22 on January 8, 2014

English is among the most widely spoken languages in the world so it only makes sense that many people would want to learn and become fluent in speaking it. In most cases, people aim to not only learn English but also acquire an American accent, which is quite a feat, especially for those who do not speak the language well to begin with. Below are 8 quick tips and tricks on how to get an American accent and lose one’s provincial or foreign accent in the process.

Do Not be Afraid to Enunciate (Pronounce Clearly)

When learning to acquire an American accent, it is important to remember that this language is based on very unique sounds. In order to speak with the proper accent, enunciating the words is a very important step since it allows you to get used to the sounds. The first step towards acquiring an accent is shedding one’s own, which would require constant practice, starting with random English words. Phonetic aids can be very helpful since they spell out exactly how you should pronounce each syllable.

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Make American English a Part of Your Daily Life

Whether its reading known American labels or watching daytime/prime time shows, be sure to surround yourself with the proper stimuli on a daily basis. Actively speaking the language is quite the obvious choice for a learning exercise but listening can be just as helpful. In fact, there have been many studies(albeit none of them are conclusive) that shows people who watch American TV shows are more likely to acquire the accent faster than those who merely rely on straightforward English lessons.

There is no downside to this idea since the worse thing that can happen is you get bored with some of the shows. Auditory stimulation has been scientifically proven to provide the best results as far as brain training is concerned.

How to learn American Accent

Use Peaks and Valleys

What makes American English unique is intonation, which is all about peaks (predominant in questions) and valleys (common in declarative sentences). It is important to understand that a significant part of American English is tones, which need to be mastered in order to sound like a native speaker.

Read Aloud and Record Yourself

While this can be a tad uncomfortable for some people (even weird for a few), the benefits of reading aloud has been well documented. Keeping a record of your reading sessions is also beneficial since you will be able to compare it to the speech patterns of a native or fluent American English speaker. A very good way to do this is to purchase an audio book (preferably a Novel written by a popular American novelist) as well as its printed version. Be sure to read passages out loud and compare it to the speech pattern of the reader on tape. This would allow you to recognize and point out your deficiencies based on reliable feedback (the way the reader on tape sounds).

Make a Friend Online

Good old fashioned socializing is one of the most effective (and cheapest) ways to learn and acquire American English accent. Forums, chat rooms, and online groups allow you to meet fluent, if not native English speakers with whom you can interact and communicate for free. All you need to do is sign up for an account on one or more forums online and start reaching out to anyone who is willing to speak with you. You need not even disclose that you are trying to get an American accent (sometimes people are uncomfortable disclosing what they are really after), as long as you establish connections and have daily conversations with one or more people.

There are also a number of websites (with forums for members) that specifically cater to people who are looking to learn American English in the comfort of their own home. You can participate in the group discussions or simply peruse available information posted by other members who have successfully acquired the accent.

Ask a Friend for Help

The best way to learn a language and acquire the accent you want is to speak it daily. If you can get someone to who is willing to communicate with you solely in English, then you are halfway done with the job. Ideally, it has to be a person who has an American accent, but it is not an absolute requirement. Once you become fluent enough, gaining the accent will be a lot easier.

Learn from Online Based Accent Training Lessons

Just as there are lessons for learning various languages, there are also programs that teach people how to speak with an American accent. These online lessons are effective, especially when you also use other supplementary tools. Some of these programs provide as many as two dozen audio lessons that tackle American accent training in as much detail as anyone would need.

Learn at Least 10 New English Words Per Day

Gaining an American accent would require an excellent vocabulary. Word building is highly important, especially if you are looking to learn common expressions and other colloquialisms used in the US. Learning 10 new words per day (including their definition and various usage) and sounding them out phonetically is a great exercise that is bound to get you closer to your goal of acquiring an American accent.

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Having an American accent can be largely beneficial especially for people who are looking to get employed in a line of work that requires excellent communication skills. Whatever your reasons are for wanting to gain American accent, it is best to know all the available tools you can use to gain results.

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