How to Speak English Fluently

by mareq22 on October 13, 2011

Speaking English fluently is a requirement for anyone who wants to be successful in today’s world. Virtually all businesses and corporations do all their communicating in English and it’s difficult to break into the upper levels of success without being able to speak English well. Learning how to speak English fluently can be easier than you ever thought but it does take some time and energy to be successful. Don’t waste your time and money with unsuccessful books or even classes that fail to teach English in the way it is actually spoken. Learning to speak properly through a well rounded set of written and spoken instructions online is the ideal way for anyone to learn how to speak English fluently.

There are many tricks to help learning to speak English properly. Things like listening to native speakers talk in an everyday situation can help and also reading books or papers written in a normal, conversational way. When learning how to speak English fluently it is important to be sure you are learning from a true expert. Many teachers of English may know the grammar rules and things of that nature but they may not know how to actually speak like a native English speaker.

One of the most difficult parts of learning how to speak English fluently is getting used to having a discussion with someone and sounding natural. Learning when to use different phrases and even considering incorporating some standard slang words or phrases can go a long way in helping you to sound more natural. Listening to audio or watching video of normal conversations is a great advantage when learning English. It helps the student learn how a normal conversation will sound and feel and help them gain confidence in both speaking and understanding English.

Another tip to learning to speak English fluently is to work at it every day. Immersing yourself in the English language is important as it will help your brain continuously make new connections with the new language. Even on days when you only have a small amount of time for studies it is important to listen to, read or watch something in English. This will help you learn it far faster than if you take even one or two days off from your studies. It has been shown that when you do something every day it will, after time, help your brain realize it is of critical importance and then you will start retaining the information even better than before.

In order to make sure they get in a good amount of English learning every day many people have found that putting English audio on their iPod or other MP3 device is extremely helpful. They can play an audio book or even just an English language discussion or debate event and listen to it during any commute they may have or other down time. Without any effort they will begin to pick up on the subtle ways people talk in English and this will help you quickly improve your English fluency. Constantly exposing yourself to native English speakers is one of the best things to do to help learn how to speak English fluently. When possible, it is also smart to have a pen and paper available to write down words you hear which you may not understand. You can then go back and look those words up and once you know their meaning you can re-listen to the audio to help solidify your understanding of how and why each word was chosen by the speaker.

In addition to making sure you are constantly hearing, reading or viewing English spoken material it is important to have formal teachings. This can be either in person or online but many people find that online learning is superior for learning how to speak English fluently because it is available to you twenty four hours per day, seven days per week. These English language classes will help you to understand the language in a very well rounded way, teaching the grammar rules and both written and spoken communication as well. A good English class should be the corner stone of learning to speak English. It will let you have somewhere you can go to ask questions when you have them and also get suggestions on what types of things you should focus on. Learning what areas of the English language you may be struggling in is extremely helpful so you can work harder in that specific area.

After getting a good understanding of the English language there is no better way to increase your fluency than actually speaking to a native English speaker. Any conversation you have in English is going to be extremely beneficial but speaking to someone that will point out any errors in your speech is ideal. Having a fluent English speaking learning partner can quickly help you develop the common speech patterns used by most English speakers. You will, in time, develop your own natural sounding way of speaking English that will sound proper and natural.

While it may be difficult or even impossible to entirely eliminate an accent when speaking English that is not going to be a big deterrent since there are millions of people who speak English as a second or even third language and they all have accents. The key item is to make sure you can speak clearly and fluently when talking in English. Reducing your accent will come over time as you get more and more exposure to the English language. After time you will be able to speak English just as naturally as your native tongue

There are many reasons for people to learn how to speak English fluently and there’s no denying the many benefits of knowing the language well. Following the above tips and tricks will have you speaking naturally in a very small amount of time. Just remember though that learning a new language can be difficult and time consuming. It takes a strong commitment to success and a lot of hard work but as you continue to see your skills as an English speaker grow it will get more and more rewarding.


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