Language Hacking Guide, your Friendly Guide in Learning the Language

by mareq22 on August 4, 2012

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The Language Hacking Guide review

Are you someone who thinks French is a language of love and wants to learn it so badly or someone who just wants to know as many languages as possible? Would you believe if someone tells you that you can learn a particular language from day one? There is a particular book that can help you through it and its name speaks for itself, it’s called the Language Hacking Guide.

Most of the time, the difficulty in learning to speak a particular language does not lie on the reason that the language is just too difficult to learn, you just need proper guidance and a different approach. The major secret is to speak the language from day one and before the sun sets you will be able to speak some of it but do not expect to be an immediate authority of the language. Even toddlers who possess the native tongue of the language you are trying to learn do not learn it in a day, but they will be able to speak a few words. Their moms do not put them in special schools just to learn their language, instead, moms practice with their toddlers (most of the time) to speak the language. You are like that toddler in some ways.

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You don’t need expensive and hard to understand language software, years of studying the grammar, or some magic potion to drink to learn the language while in deep sleep. What you really need to do is speak the language immediately on regular basis with utmost confidence. The more you speak the language, the faster you will see improvements. Avoid waiting until you feel like you are ready to speak the language because it might take you years before you feel you are ready which might only tend to stop you from ever uttering a single word in the open. Remember that practice makes perfect and if you don’t practice, then how can you be able to make it perfect?

Answers to Most Questions About Language Hacking Guide

The whole book comes in four formats: ePub (for iPod, iPad, Android, and the likes), PDF (for onscreen reading), Mobi (for Kindle), and printer-friendly form.

The e-book (Language hacking Guide) is provided in English, French, Spanish, German, Polish, Portuguese, Greek, Italian, Hebrew, Romanian, Hungarian, Dutch, Irish (Gaeilge), Czech, Chinese, Vietnamese, Arabic, Tagalog, Hindi, Russian, Turkish, Korean and Japanese. More will come later in a form of free updates.

Speak from Day One video course is included in the package with the Language Hacking Guide. The Speak from Day One course is about what the title suggests – speaking a language from Day One, and getting around the most obvious setbacks preventing you from doing this.

There is a provided 42 MP3 files audio book. Worksheets are also included and translated.
Labguage Hacking Guide course
Once you make your purchase, you will be redirected to your own log-in screen for a member that is linked to your payment and from there you can create your username together with a password. You can have a secure download links for the e-book and access all the videos. You can log-in every time you want to, check the latest updates, and more.

The Language Hacking Guide is not a course to learn a particular language but a “guide” on how to learn the language in a quicker way and that is to speak it immediately and keep on doing it every single day to see improvements. They are techniques or guides on how to learn the language easily. It can guide you out of your own confusion as to when you can begin to use the target language.

The book is being offered in multi-lingual and English-only versions for the purpose of forcing you to read the content in your target language and use it immediately. You don’t need to see a dictionary by doing it like that; you just need to see the translation in case you can’t understand the word. All are translated naturally to establish sense to what was being conveyed rather than making too direct translations. The English-only version also provides the same information minus the translation.

Understand that Language Hacking Guide offers guide to learn any language without trouble and in such a quick fashion. Your enthusiasm about learning the language can still contribute a lot in your progress. Follow the guides and have enough diligence, patience, and enthusiasm to learn the language and speak it as if it is your native tongue.

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