My Effortless English method review

by mareq22 on September 11, 2012

Effortless English method student’s review

I decided to write the Effortless English method review because many people are looking for information on this topic. This method is becoming very popular and many people want to learn more about it. They ask how these lessons can help them to improve their English. Before I started to learn this method I also tried to find Effortless English reviews, so I could make the right decision and buy the lessons.

Power English lessonsThe Effortless English lessons (Power English) have been created to make optimum use of all the principles of effective language learning. These lessons are in the form of mp3 recordings, which can be downloaded from the website immediately after purchase. They also contain files (e-books) with the texts of lessons, so you can print them or read directly from your computer.

I began to learn with Effortless English few months ago. For me, the method works very well. I significantly improved my spoken English. What is very important I gained confidence when I speak English. I’m no longer afraid to speak English. Previously, despite learning at school I couldn’t start talking. Now I have no problem to talk with foreigners in English.

I have found Effortless English on the internet one day, and I bought these lessons. Previously, I learnt at language school for some time but with a poor effect. Later I realized that buying Effortless English lessons would be cheaper than a month at that school. I decided to buy these lessons because AJ Hoge gave a guarantee on his lessons – if they don’t work for you, he returns your money back. This guarantee made this purchase safe for me, and I have never regretted my decision.

Effortless English lessons are not for everybody. If your English is very poor at the moment, you will not speak fluent English in one month. However, if you devote enough time to learn, and you will follow the guidelines from the introduction to the lessons, you really have a chance for fast progress. Those who already had contact with English and can understand a little, will definitely benefit from this method.

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Remember – to achieve your goal and speak English fluently you must spend a lot of time learning. There is no magic method that make you speak English without learning. But learning with Effortless English is interesting and full of fun, therefore you can learn longer without boredom.

I really like lessons in an audio format, because now I am able to study longer every day. I recorded the lessons on CD and now very often listen to them in my car because I spend a lot of time driving. Sometimes I learn at the computer reading the attached text and listening to the lesson at the same time. It is known that the more time you spend learning the faster you will learn.

Effortless English StudentsThe big advantage of this method is participation in the Effortless English Club. This is a special forum designed for all Effortless English learners. Access to the forum is obtained after the purchase of the lessons. As you know, writing is also very helpful in English learning. On this forum, you are able to communicate in English with people from different countries. Even those who write very little English do not need to worry, since the level of people on the forum is really diverse. Some people write poorly, others are almost flawless, but all are friendly and motivate each other. By using the forum you can learn a lot and meet great people from all over the world.

In conclusion, I recommend the Effortless English method to anyone who wants to learn English. The lessons are designed to teach you vocabulary and English grammar at the same time. You do not have to think about grammatical rules, but learn to use them automatically. I think this automatic assimilation of various aspects of a language is the biggest advantage of Effortless English.

Now you can buy new Power English lessons that are even better than previous Effortless English lessons. They have superb sound quality and each lesson have very interesting topic. You will improve your English and learn how to improve other aspects of your life.

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