The American Accent Audio Course Review

by mareq22 on January 8, 2014

The American Accent Audio Course Review


American English Audio CourseLearning to speak English properly may sound too difficult especially when you were not born in English speaking country. Most learners find it difficult to deal with accent, pronunciation, tone, timing, and more. Unfortunately, non-native English teacher many times fail to deliver the perfect lesson concerning reading, speaking and even listening. In almost all cases, non-native English speakers keep their original accents, which sound slightly strange; even worse, incorrect pronunciation makes the language impossible to understand. Introducing The American Accent Audio Course, which is an audio lesson covering almost all important aspects in learning American English. This course focuses on American English accents and teaches about proper tone and timing to make you sound as if you are native speaker.

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For native English speakers, accent is not a problem; they have listened and learned the proper way to speak since they were a child. Accent is considerably the most difficult part of any English lesson to master. You may find it easier to learn about pronunciation and grammatical rules; however, when it comes to accent, most people need to study further. There is a reason for this; childhood is the best years when humans learn about language. Children learn about grammar, accent, vocabularies, and pronunciation impressively quick. However, this ability goes away as people get older. The American Accent Audio Course is designed for those who learned English as teenagers and adults.

American Accent Audio Course It is not a typical English lesson that people can get from schools. As mentioned earlier, The American Accent Audio Course focuses on lessons about American accent; it is an essential factor that even some native teachers do not consciously teach. The course consists of many audio lessons recorded in English and a good deal of related information and secrets. Intonation and timing are as well nicely delivered. Certainly, better accent makes the language more understandable, professionally and personally. In fact, the ability to speak English also plays an important role to decide your success. If you worked with Americans or Canadians, this course could be such an excellent mentor to improve communication skills with those professionals. It is not merely about understanding what native speakers say, but it is also about making your language and accent acceptable for better working environment.

In total, The American Accent Audio Course consists of 24 audio lessons in mp3 format; they make approximately 16 hours of lessons. Those lessons are downloadable, so learners can save them in any compatible device. Besides the audio format, The American Accent Audio Course is as well available on CD’s bundled with workbooks. Since the products were created for non-native English speakers, the audio format is completely understandable. Furthermore, as audio lessons, all factors concerning accent such as intonation and rhythm are very well conveyed.

The American Accent Audio Course

Typically, all learners, even the advanced ones, have difficulties to sound like native speakers. In many cases, the accent of native language (mother tongue) still dominates. Accordingly, although the pronunciation and grammatical rules are correctly spoken, the message can be misunderstood. Perhaps, non-native speakers are asked to repeat the sentence or to speak more slowly. English is used worldwide in schools and international organizations. Many times, the ability to speak English is an important key to open the doors of career opportunities. In fact, some organizations consider that someone’s communication skills are determined by the abilities to speak this language properly.

Basically, all languages are spoken to deliver messages, but even a simple mistake can ruin the intended message to deliver. Therefore, within any form of sentence structure, the entire accent should be perfectly correct. Indeed, the listeners’ main purpose is to understand the message; nonetheless, they will also want that speakers to say it correctly, so listeners understand the message in a comfortable way. The American Accent Audio Course provides every lesson necessary for anyone to master all factors concerning American English or Canadian accent. To name a few, the lessons teach about intonation patterns (even for unusual words), compound nouns, descriptive phrases, content words, structure words, and more. In other parts of the lessons, there will also be a guide to show how to link words and use sentence stress.

To come up with a conclusion, The American Accent Audio Course covers all aspects possible to learn to sound like native English speakers. The products come with 60-day money back guarantee, so it is a smart purchase.

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