The best way to learn English? Do what you love!

by mareq22 on July 24, 2012

How to Learn English by Doing What You LoveBy: Nate Hill from



If you often think about how to learn English better, you’re not alone.

I think all ESL learners reach a point where they start to think about how they’re learning and if there is something that will make the journey easier, better, or more fun.

Kaplan International Colleges asked hundreds of students what really helped them learn English.

What did they say?

How to Learn English by Answering One Simple Question

There are obviously hundreds of options when deciding how to learn English.

Choosing which way is best for you requires us to ask one more question first. The answer to this question will tell you exactly what to do next. The question is simply:

What do you love? (I’ll also accept really, really like.)

“‘What do I love?’ Answer that first, and you’ll know how to learn English best.”

I think the students who responded to this survey had discovered that answer. Just look at the responses and you’ll see they were just following things they enjoyed:

how to learn english

What Do You Love?

Why is this question so important for learning English?

English is only a language (like the one you grew up speaking). Yes, it’s a very important language since so many people use it to communicate, but it’s still just a language, a tool.

Think about it. All languages are tools to communicate. It’s an amazingly simple idea, but knowing what you love will guide how and what you communicate about.

This should how you study as well.

1. Determine Your Interests

The first thing to do is determine your interests. I don’t mean something you sometimes do. I’m talking about things you do without thinking about it, like a habit. Once you know what it is, just turn that habit into dedicated English time.

Go back down your Facebook timeline or your Tweets. What do you read about the most? Look for that same kind of information in English and share your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter after reading a little.

Do you watch a lot of TV? Watch an hour of TV in English and reward yourself with your favorite TV show in your native language. The students of this survey found TV to help them a lot.

Do the same thing with movies, books, or anything else you already spend a lot of time doing.

2. If You Get Bored, Change it Up

Always doing the same thing can get boring. Have a few different things you can enjoy in English lined up just in case.

Students in this survey enjoyed video games too. Mixing reading, TV, video games and movies is easy to do. Think of different kinds of activities to always keep things fresh.

Be prepared by keeping a list of links to videos, articles, or books. Only save a few of each so it’s easy to choose, but this will always give you a variety of natural English ready to use.

3. Remember to Enjoy it, Not Just Study It

Keep your focus on enjoying your English time. Enjoying it will keep your willpower strong.

Don’t try to understand everything. That’s not practical. Instead, take notes of a few questions, phrases, or words you thought were interesting. If you’re learning a little bit every day like this, that is better than giving up for several weeks because you burn out.

Well, I hope the infographic above helped you think of some of the ways you can enjoy English. There are even more, so try to be creative.

Take a minute to think about how you learn English now, and try to add more activities that you enjoy.

Keep the focus on you by learning from what you love. I think you’ll be much happier with the kind of English you learn by doing this!

This method was chosen by many students as they favourite

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